II Phaced Inc.

II Phaced, Inc. is a crew, a company, and a way of life. Started by two, transformed into four, II Phaced, Inc. consists of DJs, producers, and an emcee. Formed in 2011, this site will examine the ins and outs of the crew members, and the companies that fall under the II Phaced umbrella.

The Crew

DJ / Turn-Tablist

Born and raised in Lynwood, Gilly Gill has been DJing and battling since the age of 12 in the 1980s. He has also had his hand in promotion and radio. He and Doc were the most popular combination in their area in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


DJ / Turn-Tablist

Raised in Wilmington, California, Pauly Paul grew up with Doc and was his very first DJ. In that time, he had later not only DJed in many clubs in Southern California, he also designed a lot of the clubs and sound systems. He is slowly getting into production.

Pauly Paul
DJ / Producer

DJ Whizlam (aka "Funky Fingaz") is the newest member. He represents our Denver Colorado import. Whizlam is a DJ, but he is also one of the funkiest producers a lot of people had ever heard. He adds an element to Doc's "boombap style" the group didn't have before.

Doc Nasdee

Former Pop-Locker - DJ - Graffiti Artist - Producer - Emcee

new me 12

Doc Nasdee

Doc Nasdee, born and raised on the westcoast in the city of Compton, began rapping under the name "Master Dee" at 12 years old, and decided to change that to "Double-Dee" after learning Grand Master D's name of Whodini. This name would remained until the early 2000s, when it got changed to "Doc LikMLo" (it was a phase). It made it's final transition in the 2010s; but let's back track..

Before rapping, Doc had ambitions of being a writer, a trumpet player, a drummer, and even a dancer. He began pop-locking first, then rapping, followed by beat-boxing, then bombing, then finally DJing, which he learned from Gilly Gill.

Hip Hop has always been his life. After being recruited by Afrika Islam, he also became a member of the Zulu Nation in 1994, shortly after being head writer for Phat! Magazine. The performing bug once again caught a hold, and he toured most of the 1990s with Thump Records and Low Rider Magazine, as well as speaking from time to time at universities.

After a stint as an artist developer, Doc got back into creating. Today, Doc is back on music as an emcee and producer (under the alter ego "Nasdee Beatz"), but also enjoys the life as an entrepreneur, and Zulu Union King.

What We About

We THAT Crew!!!

Keeping things true to the culture and the foundation it was built upon, II Phaced relies heavily on our knowledge, experience, and know how. If you want professionalism and realness, you need look no further.

Graphic Designing
Our sub company, Grafic Dee-Signz is your one stop shop for logos, fliers, business cards, and any other print need.
Need beats? R&B, hip hop, boom bap, west coast funk...we gotchu covered!
DJ & Hosting
No matter the occasion, we gotchu. Just hit us up to see if we have personnel in your area.
colored shirt
zulu bakground
The Zulu Union

Our mission reflects the virtues and values of Hip Hop Culture; although not limited to its reach. We practice peace, unity, respect, and having fun safely, within the communities we serve. As a union we work independently engaging in different services for the positive advancement of humanity.

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II Phaced Enterprises will thrive off of nothing but great ideas and creativity, which will began funding from my own patent. After months of research on patent types, laws, and various options, I have found the most affective path to creating generational wealth. My idea, is to take what I have learned, invest in other creators with brilliant ideas that can change the world, while retaining two royalty points from their future royalties.

Plato once said "necessity is the mother of all invention". People from low income, tend to come up with the greatest ideas, but lack the means or know how to execute them. The fact of the matter is, that idea can not only change their life, but their whole family's trajectory. 

II Phaced Enterprises has one goal: to make "bosses". So get those ideas ready, because when we launch, it's "on"!!!!

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